Sunday, 27 December 2015

Skin Pick Me Up

Now, I don't know about you but for me Christmas and late nights go hand in hand which isn't the best for my skin as the copious amounts of Prosecco consumed can make it a liiiittle (lot) dehydrated. So during party season I like to try out new products that have that extra oomph that my skin needs. I got this little 'hangover' kit from my mum (great minds ey), for Christmas, and she tells me that it's available from M&S which I absolutely love. I can now buy macaroons and make up under the same roof - heaven I tell you. So far I've tried the Icelandic Eye Relief Pen and I love the applicator and feel of the product as it dries, it has a lovely peppermint induced coolness to it. I'm saving the gel eye pads and face mask for NYD, I think it'll be greatly needed! Such a fabulous way to try some products from a brand I'm relatively new to, but have heard a lot about - those eye pads seem to be gaining a strong following -without risking wasting the product if it isn't for me.

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